I caught myself thinking today about why I created Soul Society Boutique, and wanted to share a little bit about myself with you all. From the time that I was a very little girl, and my mother can confirm this, I always idolized fashion. My mom tells stories about how she would lay my outfit out on the bed in the morning, and at 2 years old, I would look at it, walk over to my closet, and put together something else. I've always dressed how I wanted to, and didn't care if I was perfectly "on trend" or not. My mom and sister used to (I shouldn't say used to, they still do) joke about how everywhere I went, I looked like I was dressing for the prom. Don't get me wrong, my mother dresses impeccably herself. Where does she think I learned this passion for fashion from? 

There's a picture of me in my teens wearing a pair of brown riding boots, jean shorts, and a lace top walking my dog on Lincoln road. I had a big pair of sunglasses on and was carrying my little Michael Kors barrel bag on my arm. I can recall to this day how many looks and stares I got, but I did not even almost care. I walked around with pride in my heart because I felt fabulous. I also remember how much I was sweating because November in South Florida is still 80 degrees. 

The point is, that my goal with this store is to make people feel fabulous in whatever they choose to wear that day. There are so many stigmas and fashion do's and don'ts out there today, but honestly who are any of these gurus to tell us how and what we should wear? I'm a firm believer in you wear what you want when you want, and you own that sh*t! If you feel like wearing a pair of boots in 80 degree weather, DO IT. If you feel like wearing a fedora or western hat DO IT. Don't even get my started on the anxiety I feel when I put on a wide brim hat... they are so cute, why do people make you feel dumb for wearing them!??! 

I truly hope that every one of you wear every piece of clothing from this store, and every store, with pride. You work your outfit and feel fabulous doing so! Don't let anyone tell you that your outfit looks dumb, or you're too dressed up...there's no such thing as too dressed up if you ask me. Be confident, be happy, be unapologetically you.

October 16, 2020 — Sarah Michaels

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